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Gallery links:

Erdreich White Fine Art here

Cynthia Brynes Contemporary Art here


Nelson Macker Fine Art here


Anthony Kirk Editions here


Silvermine Guild here

Center for Maine Contemporary Art here

Harmon's Market here

Select work also available by request:


Cade Tompkins Projects here

Heather Gaudio Fine Art


Press links:


Miniature Works as the Main Attraction by Benjamin Genocchio, New York Times, April 29,2007, Vol.CLVI, section 14, p. 9 here

Becoming by Daphne Anderson Deeds, The Art Critic, Happening in the Hills, June 6, 2017, here 

2018 Print Fairs, New York-E/AB Fair by Gillian Greenhill Hannum, The Print Club of New York, Winter 2019, p.3 here

Process Painters Exhibit at the Tremaine Gallery in Lakeville, Litchfield County Times, April 14, 2016 here

A Prints Project That Took an Entire State to Mount, by Deborah Weisgall, New York Times, September 24, 2006 (about the Maine Print Project) here

Water at Ula Surland Gallery, CT Art Scene Blog Spot, 2017 here

Imprint, Middletown Press, November 9, 2010  here

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